Our greatest areas of need listed below are the four funds that directly impact the vital work of the College’s core charitable aims:

A) to advance Education, Religion, Learning and Research in the University;

B) to provide for that purpose a college for men and women who shall be members of the University wherein they may work for degrees of the University or may carry out postgraduate or other special studies at Cambridge.

The Eddies Fund

This is the fund to which most of our donors give and it allows us the flexibility to rise to the challenges and make the most of the opportunities that present themselves to us. A gift to The Eddies Fund will be directed to whatever the current areas of greatest need are in College. Giving to The Eddies Fund contributes to the College as a whole, supporting us where we need it most and enabling us to ensure the ongoing financial security of the College.

Student Support Fund

A gift to the Student Support Fund will go directly towards improving the experience of being at St Edmund’s and at the wider University of Cambridge for our students. The support we offer ranges from smaller travel grants, to hardship awards for students who find themselves in difficulty, to supporting sports and College societies, to funding scholarships and awards that enable students to take up their place here in the first instance. Your gift to the Student Support Fund will make the difference to your fellow Eddies in need and enrich the life of our College.

Estate Development Fund

St Edmund’s has grown from The Norfolk Building in 1896 to an almost 10 acre site with a plethora of buildings that house the life and work of our members. In making a gift to the Estate Development Fund, you help us to ensure that the very fabric of our College and our shared home is kept in the best condition and support us as our needs grow with our growing community.

Chapel Fund

As the only Catholic College at the University of Cambridge, St Edmund’s Chapel is at the heart of all that we do, from our inception in 1896 as a Catholic house up to the present as a fully-fledged Cambridge college. To this day, we continue to hold regular services that bring together both the student and local community of all backgrounds and religions. Gifts to the Chapel Fund help to maintain the running and upkeep of the Chapel, support the Chapel’s community, and to ensure St Edmund’s place as a key Catholic institution in the area.

The Von Hügel Institute

The Von Hügel Institute for Critical Catholic Inquiry is a unique part of St Edmund’s, which conducts interdisciplinary research, inspired by Catholic thought, that aims to strive for a better global future. A gift to the Von Hugel Institute will aid in continuing its important research and secure its future as a centre of critical Catholic research in Cambridge. Research which is funded by your gift will not only benefit the Cambridge academic community, but also extends to have a significant impact on real lives around the world.