The Alumni Society encourages friendship between current and past Eddies students. The Society is your ready-made social- and career network. When you matriculate at St Edmund’s, you automatically join the Society. It continues to be your link with Eddies throughout your life.

The Society and your career

The Society can help establish connections with other Eddies people in your field or profession. If you need help in or want to give advice on careers, whether you’re a current or past student, contact the Society.

The Society & your social life

Your Alumni Society sponsors events for current student, and alumni throughout the year and across the world. There is, for instance, a branch of the Alumni Society in Hong Kong.

In 2017 these included:

  • January: ‘University Challenge’ themed Quiz Night
  • February: Society Drinks in London
  • Lent Term: Career Events
  • March/April: College Guest Night
  • May/June: College Garden Party
  • June: Society Reception for upcoming Graduates (CS)
  • July: College Guest Night
  • September: The Alumni Society Concert & Dinner
  • October: ‘British Affair’, afternoon tea for new students (CS)
  • November: Society Dinner in London
  • December: College Guest Night And other events in the UK and Abroad.

Networking events, convivial gatherings and other activities can be subsidised by the Alumni Society. If you have an idea for one, contact the Society.

At Eddies you make friends for life. Just because you have graduated, does not mean you leave your College behind. You remain a member and join over 4,000 people across the world who call Eddies their Cambridge home: The Alumni Society makes sure you keep in touch with the College and each other.

New Alumni Society Constitution

The Alumni Society wishes to adjust its constitution at the AGM on 23 September 2017 to reflect its vision of interaction between students, alumni and the College Development Office. The amended constitution can be found here. Meanwhile, please contact us if you have any questions.