Wherever you are in the world, if you feel able to donate to support St Edmund’s you can do so online on our website. You can also reach out to development@st-edmunds.cam.ac.uk about ways in which you might be able to help your alma mater.

What, when, who, how, why???

From 22nd March to 2nd April, a team of student ambassadors from St Edmund’s will be calling alumni and friends of the College.

We’re calling to update our members around the world on life at College, on our plans and priorities for today and the future, to catch up on what’s going on with them, and of course to ask for support from our community to help us ensure that St Edmund’s today and tomorrow is the best version of itself it can possibly be.

You can schedule a call with one of our student ambassadors at a time most convenient for you here: https://bit.ly/eddies-schedule-a-call

Our Focus: Supporting Students at St Edmund’s

With this appeal, we are fundraising to support students at St Edmund’s, ensuring that the best students apply and can afford to take up their places at St Edmund’s, enriching the lives of students facing financial hardship while studying at St Edmund’s, and providing essential resources to support the mental and physical health and wellbeing of students at St Edmund’s.

Our First Priority

As part of this campaign, our first priority is to raise money to partially fund a Master’s student’s costs to take up a place to study at St Edmund’s.

Many students come to St Edmund’s having secured partial funding. A little from a grant from here, some more from another pot there. Anyone who has gone through the process of putting together a funding package for their postgraduate study or knows someone who has understands how difficult this can be.

The brand new “Annual Fund Master’s Bursary” will provide a £5,000 bursary to a Master’s student to help them complete their funding package and take up their place at St Edmund’s and the University of Cambridge. This will make the difference between a person being able to have the incredible education you received and falling short because they couldn’t afford it.

Today at St Edmund’s, Master’s students are our largest group of students and this is the area in which your donation can have the greatest impact.

Together, we can make a real difference.

We are extremely fortunate to receive large donations from some individuals and charitable trusts and foundations, which fund a small number of bursaries of this type. But we believe in the power of our community to come together to have an influence greater than any one of us and which, because of the power of this statement of support, is truly greater than the not insubstantial sum of its parts.

Whether you can donate £10, £500, or £5,000, your support for this bursary will be transformative for a student in need.

What will the bursary provide?

Because each student will have secured a different make up of partial funding, the bursary is not restricted to tuition fees or living expenses, but can instead be used by the student to make up the difference in either area, depending on their need.

Our other priorities

We are also fundraising so that we can improve the experience of students while they are here in Cambridge.

Adding Core Texts to Our Library

With more students across Cambridge than ever before, core texts available in faculty libraries or the University Library are in extremely high demand. This impact is felt most keenly by our Part 1A Mature Undergraduate students. Before specialisation and diversification in the later parts of the Tripos, almost all first-year undergraduates need to read the same core texts. The Library at St Edmund’s has grown over time, but not only book lovers will appreciate the need to add these essential core texts to give our Part 1A Undergraduate students sufficient access

A gift of £50 would cover the average cost for one of the hundreds of new core texts we need to acquire to provide access to their reading for Part 1A Undergraduates at St Edmund’s.

Digital Hardship

The digital world of study opens up seemingly endless possibilities to extend and improve the resources that might be available in a physical library but in recent years this has transformed from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have for all of our students.

With many course resources available only online, and lectures and even supervisions taking place online, we want to ensure that every student has the equipment they need to access their education. Our digital hardship fund supports students who cannot afford this access or find themselves unexpectedly in need.

A gift of £100 could provide a student with a digital hardship grant to enable them to purchase specialist equipment for their studies at St Edmund’s.

University-level Sports at St Edmund’s

St Edmund’s has a long and proud sporting history, with so many Blues, Olympians, and other elite athletes and sportspeople among our community.

We want to make sure that students at St Edmund’s can participate in increasingly expensive sporting activities at an elite level, regardless of their financial background.

A gift of £500 could fund travel and training expenses for an elite or University level sportsperson at St Edmund’s.

Sports for Everyone at St Edmund’s

With beautiful surroundings in the centre of Cambridge, you may remember enjoying playing sports and games at St Edmund’s in and around the orchard at the rear of the College site.

Unfortunately, our grounds, great for a kick around or throwing a frisbee, are not suitable for playing regular fixtures and we have no space at all for certain sports such as netball. Our teams resort to borrowing or renting the grounds of other colleges wherever possible, but this can be prohibitively expensive. We want to make sure that every student at St Edmund’s has the opportunity to participate in a college team and play on a proper pitch or court.

A gift of £100 could pay for our sports teams to rent courts/pitches for one weekly “home” match.

Emergency and Research Travel Grants

St Edmund’s is one of the most international colleges in Cambridge, and the diversity and inclusivity of our community is one of our greatest strengths. With students coming from around the globe, it is expensive to travel home from Cambridge in the case of an emergency. We want to make sure that our international students can overcome such an adversity by providing emergency travel grants.

On a more positive note, many of our research students require physical access to archives, labs, dig-sites, etc., across the globe. Providing travel grants for these students allows them to take full advantage of resources that would otherwise be impossible to access.