The 2020 Telephone Campaign will be running from Tuesday, 22 September to Saturday, 26 September.

Below you can see information on our student callers, who will be reaching out to alumni from the UK & the US. Their aim is three-fold, to catch up with alumni about developments in their/your lives; to update alumni on College life, both under COVID-19 lockdown and more generally; and finally to raise money for the College as it works to preserve and enhance the student experience in these very challenging times.

Wherever you are in the world, if you feel able to donate to support St Edmund’s you can do so via this website. You can also reach out to about ways in which you might be able to help your alma mater.

Calling on your support:

Message from the Master Message from Paul & Jane Luzio Message from alumna Vicci Lau


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Our Student Caller Team

Chris Schaefer (History)

I am a first year PhD student in History as well as the CR President. I worked in Morocco and France for a decade before coming back to school last autumn.

While in France, I translated the first novel from the country of Burundi ever translated into English and I happened to be near Notre Dame when it caught on fire.


Gurashish Singh (Engineering)

Hi there, my name is Gurashish aka Guru. I am sure reading this you will be a keen and an avid supporter of the telephone campaign at St. Edmund’s College. I am in my penultimate year of an Engineering PhD focusing on optics and photonics.

I have been fortunate to be part of the vibrant community of St. Edmund’s since 2018. I organised various socials as the first-ever Black, Minority and Ethnic (BME) officer along with the first photo exhibition during Black History Month. Later, I co-founded the Eddies Painting society and served on the May Ball Committee 2019 as publicity officer. I am also part of the Cambridge University Sikh Society and enjoy weightlifting. Currently, I hold the positions of CR-External Officer and CR-Student Librarian Officer.

Eddies is not just an institution. It is not just a space of members. It is a complete experience. Whether you are here for a short course, or a doctoral programme, it forms an integral part of your life, eternally. It comprises one of the most international communities at Cambridge, and I am sure while reading this, you are reminiscing about your wonderful experience at Eddies.

For the future, I see myself as an established name in science journalism.

Vasudha Khatuwala (Social Anthropology)

Hello! My name is Vasudha, and I am doing my MPhil in Social Anthropology.

I did my ethnographic fieldwork among flamenco performers in the caves of Granada, and I’m currently working on Holocaust memorialisation in contemporary Britain. Along with my interests in culture and backpacking, I have volunteered for charities that devised and sponsored educational campaigns for refugees and children with various disabilities.

I was also the the President of the St Edmund’s May Ball Committee 2020 and co-hosted College’s Pink Week to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research.

My other interests include poetry, hiking, history and languages.

Levente Koroes (HSPS)

I’m Levente, a first year undergraduate student reading Human, Social and Political Sciences. I studied in Central Europe and Australia before coming to Eddie’s, where I have truly found my home. When not reading about politics, sociology or psychology, you will either find me running, sipping tea or behind my camera. I am an active member of the CR and the college community as a whole, and I acted as the Vice-President of the May Ball Committee. Though my time in Cambridge has been different to most other first-years, I am very happy to be here and partake in the phone campaign, as I would like to show appreciation for this amazing college and its community. ​