Making your Donation go further

At no cost to you!

Both in the UK and abroad there are ways of making your donation go further at no cost to you. Please contact us or your accountant for further details.

UK Gift Aid Scheme

Boost your donation by 25p for every £1 you give by allowing us to claim gift aid. Please contact us for the form and a return envelope or download a form here. Further details of the Gift Aid Scheme and the eligibility requirements can be found here.

Matched Giving

You may be able to double the value of your donation if your employer offers a matched giving scheme. This means they will top up your gift to us at no cost to you. Many companies offer matched giving, including Barclays Capital, UBS, Black Rock, Nomura, Merrill Lynch, RBS, RSA and Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International, but it is no longer just the preserve of large corporations. We are happy to discuss further details or find out for you if your company offers such an opportunity.

Examples of companies who offer Matched Giving in the UK.


Making a donation via shares is one of the most tax-efficient ways you can give. In the UK you can claim Income Tax relief on the value of the shares and an exemption from Capital Gains Tax. Guidance for UK taxpayers and US taxpayers is available online. We suggest you contact us or your accountant if you want further advice.

An example of the advantages of giving shares in the UK:

Value of shares Amount of income tax relief you can claim Cost to you Value to St Edmund’s
Basic rate taxpayer (20%) £1,000 £200 £800 £1,000
Higher rate taxpayer (40%) £1,000 £400 £600 £1,000
Additional rate taxpayer (45%) £1,000 £450 £550 £1,000
How to donate shares

If you intend to give shares you estimate are worth less than £5,000 the College would prefer you to sell the shares and donate the proceeds to St Edmund’s. To make sure that you receive the income tax relief, the College recommends that you follow advice given by HMRC.

If you intend to give shares that you estimate are worth more than £5,000 please contact us.

Crest Transfer or Stock Transfer forms can be emailed to you.

Guidance notes for completing the Stock Transfer form can be found here. Please also note that the Stock Transfer form must be printed double sided or the form will be rejected by the UTM (Unit Trust Managers).

Payroll Giving

Give tax free out of your wages

This allows you to make a tax-free donation to St Edmund’s College directly from your salary or pension, via the Give As You Earn scheme. Payments are normally of a set amount, made monthly, but it is also possible to make one-off payments. Your employer may also match your donation, which could as much as double its value to St Edmund’s College. In order to set up a gift via payroll giving you need to contact your HR or Charity Department. They will ask you to complete a form which requires your employer to make a deduction from either your salary or pension.

Some employers offer a Matched Giving scheme, increasing your donation at no cost to you.

Find out more about setting up Payroll Giving as an employer.

Donor Benefits

Your donation to St Edmund’s should work for you.
Not only are we happy to discuss your priorities and thank you in ways only we can, we also want you to take full advantage of any tax breaks that may be available to you.
We will naturally also respect your wishes if you want your donation to remain anonymous.
The 1896 Society
Benefits of membership of our Donors’ Society include, invitations to exclusive events, regular correspondence, a paper copy of The Edition and a special badge.
Alumni and Friends who donate £1000 in a financial year will be invited to join the Society.
‘The 1896 Society’ commemorates the date when Fr Edmond Nolan, Vice-President of St Edmund’s College, Ware, moved to Cambridge and established the embryonic St Edmund’s House, initially with one student.
The Edmond Nolan Society
Anyone who informs us that they have made a gift to St Edmund’s in their Will becomes a member of The Edmond Nolan Society, if they wish. Benefits of membership of include invitations to exclusive events, regular correspondence, a paper copy of The Edition and a special badge. Find out how to leave money to St Edmund’s in your Will.
Established in 2013, the Society gives the College the opportunity to thank you for your generosity, during their lifetime. The name commemorates Fr Edmond Nolan who established the embryonic St Edmund’s House.
Other Benefits
Permanent forms of recognition could include the naming of Fellowships, Scholarships, rooms and buildings in the College. Please contact us to discuss.